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Our Covid-19 Reopening Team has been working hard to create protocols for summer camp that ensure the health and safety of campers, volunteers and year-round staff.  The following measures will be in place for all of our events for the 2021 Summer Camp season.  All campers, volunteers and staff are expected to adhere to these policies and procedures.  Campers have indicated on their registration form that if they choose not to comply with our Covid-19 policies, that they could be sent home.  Volunteers and staff will undergo extra training before camp to ensure they understand their roles and responsibilities.

Our Covid-19 Reopening Team is made up of members of the Upper Midwest regional staff, the CCC staff, and volunteers representing all of the various camps within our ministry.  These safety measures were created based on recommendations from the Center for Disease Control, the American Camping Association, and the Association of Disciples in Outdoor Ministry.

Covid-19 Protocols for Summer Camp 2021

Covid-19 Mitigation Efforts

Social Distancing

Social distancing (6 feet of distance) will be required indoors except while eating, sleeping and using the restroom.  Campers will be asked to remain 6 feet apart outdoors unless their mask is on.  

Facial Coverings

Masks will be required of everyone when we are indoors, except during sleeping and eating times and in the showers.  Masks will be required outdoors except when we can be 6 feet apart.  Masks will be required for singing during worship whether indoors or outdoors.

Activity Pods

For times when masks can't or shouldn't be worn (eating, sleeping, shower time), campers will be divided into activity pods.  Those pods will be together for maskless activities.  (The same group of campers will be assigned to the same cabin and table group for the duration of camp, for example.)

Outdoor Activities

We are moving as many activities outdoors as possible.  Bible study, worship, keynote time, games and arts and crafts are just some of the examples of activities that will be moved outdoors whenever possible.

Air Filtration

We are building air filtration units for indoor spaces that must be used during poor weather.  The filters on these units are advertised to filter out Covid-19 particles and will circulate the air in indoor spaces every 15-20 minutes.  Examples of spaces that will have filtration units are the Dining Hall, gym, indoor chapel, and cabin bedrooms.

Capacity Limits and length of camps

We have limited the capacities of our camps to approximately 50% so that our cabins, dining hall, rec spaces and swimming pool do not become overcrowded.  Weeklong camps have been shortened by one day to allow for more training for our volunteer counselors.

Volunteer and Staff Training

Our weeklong camps have been shortened to allow for more training time for volunteers and staff.  All trainings will be mandatory for our 2021 volunteers.  This way we can ensure everyone is comfortable with our mitigation efforts before campers arrive.

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