Camp Wish List

Current Camp Wish List items are below.  We try to update this list quarterly.

Item  (Approximate Cost)

  1. Camp Office furnishings to match the newly remodeled lobby

  2. Door mats for the front and back doors of McKee Retreat House
    ($500 per mat, 2 needed)

  3. Queen beds for the Director's Suite - new mattresses are needed
    ($1500 per room for mattress, box spring and new bedding)

  4. Lodge Room updates including new flooring, new bedding and new light fixtures
    ($3500 per room, 4 more rooms needed)

  5. Meal Service supplies for the Dining Hall.  We are in need of new heavy duty plastic cups and pitchers for summer camp.

  6. Paddle Boards, Canoes, Kayaks, Paddle Boats                                                     ($400 each, 6 needed)

  7. Commercial Kitchen Updates and Repairs, including our oven and dishwasher​​                                                                                                               ($5000)

  8. Send a child to camp for a week and change their life forever                              ($230 per child)

  9. Campbell Hall Carpet Fund to replace very worn carpet                                        ($5 per square, $8000 still needed)

(Updated December 2019)


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