NEWLY UPDATED: 2013 - CCUMW Professional Care & Development Policy (Continuing Ed Requirements) - Requirement changes for part time ministers.


Policy:  Any ordained or commissioned minister seeking to continue standing with the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in the Upper-Midwest will complete sixteen hours of continuing education each year.  This policy will become effective August 1, 2011.



* Updated by Commission on Ministry, 2013

It is assumed all ordained or commissioned ministers seeking to continue standing will want to enhance and develop his/her skills for ministerial proficiency.  With this in mind, to acquire or continue to hold standing with the Christian Church (DOC) in the Upper Midwest, each Full-Time minister will complete sixteen (16) hours of continuing education each year beyond his/her regular or compensated duties.  *Part-time ministers’ hours will be based on the following: 3/4 time = 12 hours, 1/2 time = 8 hours, 1/4 time or less = 4 hours.

Self-guided study is acceptable as suggested below. [Self-guided study may be used for up to eight (8) of the annually required hours. Turn in the list of books read or nature of study and hours for each book/study on annual Standing Form] In classroom or seminar settings, an hour shall be defined as a 50-minute contact period.

INACTIVE RETIREES are exempt from this requirement.  (An inactive retiree is defined as a Christian Church (DOC) minister who is no longer engaging in the practice of ministry on an occasional, part-time or full-time basis.)

WAYS IN WHICH THIS REQUIREMENT may be metinclude (but are not necessarily limited to) the following:

  • read one or more texts from the list of suggested works as appear in the current

  • syllabus for Commissioned Ministers Education Program (CMEP)

  • complete a unit of clinical pastoral education (CPE)

  • complete a college or graduate level course

  • complete a Missouri School of Religion course

  •  complete a seminary on-line course

  • complete a semester’s work in a Doctor of Ministry program

  • attend a seminary-sponsored Ministers’ Week

  • attend resource groups and worship experiences at a Regional or General Assembly

  • attend and participate in ecumenical resource and worship experiences

  • attend and participate in the “School for Congregational Learning.”

  • participate in “Clergy Day Apart” opportunities as provided by the CCUM

  • attend “Ministers’ Institute” as provided by the CCUM

  • participate in Regional required “Boundary Training”

  • attend a lecture series (as offered by Drake University, Grinnell College, Grandview College, Culver-Stockton College, etc.)

  • attend a professional training seminar (as offered by Alban Institute, Youth Specialties, etc.)

  • participate in spiritual discipline retreats

  • other events, studies, etc., may be acceptable.  It is suggested the Commission on Ministry or its designee be consulted for verification.


IN MOST CASES, continuing education and professional development events required or accepted in other Regions of the Christian Church (DOC) in theUnited StatesandCanadawill be accepted by the CCUM.

IN SUPPORT OF MINISTERS and their efforts to meet these requirements the Christian Church (DOC) in the Upper-Midwest will

  • develop and publish reading lists suitable for helping ministers continue their professional and spiritual growth

  • maintain and publish timely notices of continuing education opportunities

  • advocate for ministers with congregations to allow time and money for ministers’ continuing education

  • develop continuing education/professional development opportunities within Regional events including boundary training.

A REPORTING OF PARTICIPATION in professional development opportunities will be included each year as ministers complete standing forms as provided by the Commission on Ministry of the CCUM.

IN THE EVENT THAT PERSONAL HARDSHIP or other extenuating circumstances prevent a minister from meeting the continuing education requirements, he or she may contact the Commission on Ministry or its designee to request an alternate plan or waiver.


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