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The Upper Midwest is gearing up to be the best hosts ever for the General Assembly of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)!


One goal that we have set as a Region is to find ways to make attendance accessible to more Disciples than ever before.  High costs of lodging often stands in the way for pastors and lay people alike to come to General Assembly.  Our solution is to provide no cost or low cost alternatives for those that need it.

Can You Help Host?

Do You Need Lodging?

Step 1: Prayerfully consider whether you have the ability to provide hospitality in lodging to Assembly guests.   

Step 2:  Complete the General Assembly Home/Church Host Form

Step 3:  Once your accommodations are listed, those seeking a home host will determine if your space matches their needs and will contact the Upper Midwest Volunteer in charge of Home Hosts.

Step 4:  When you are contacted by the Upper Midwest Volunteer, you will be connected by email with interested attendees.  It will be up to you and the attendee to reach an agreement for use of the space.

Step 5:  Notify the Upper Midwest Volunteer when an agreement has been formed.

Step 6:  Your listing will be removed from the home host site.

Step 7:  Prepare to host your guest!

Step 1: Browse the Home/Church Host List to determine if there are any options suitable for your needs.

Step 2: When you find suitable lodging, email the Upper Midwest Home/Church Host Volunteer (Karla Rice: or 515-229-1066) to request to contact a potential lodging host. 

Step 3:  The Upper Midwest Volunteer will connect you and the potential host by email.  It will be up to you and the lodging host to reach an agreement for your use of the space.  

Step 4:  The Home/Church Host will notify the Upper Midwest Home Host Volunteer when an agreement has been formed.

Step 6:  Once the listing is removed from the Home Host site, your primary contact for General Assembly lodging will be the Host.  

Step 7:  Prepare to attend General Assembly 2019 in Des Moines, Iowa!

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