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Anne Gregory Called by Global Ministry to Thailand

To make a gift for this ministry online use the online donation link above. Select Southern Asia from the designation list and type Missionary Support for Anne Gregory in Thailand into the Project/Partner line.

- OR -

Congregations may send a pledge or donation on their Remittance Form to the Regional Office with memo Missionary Support for Anne Gregory to 5064 Lincoln Street, Newton, IA 50208.


“My entire childhood was spent in Bangkok, Thailand, I was told I was almost 4 months old when we got there. My parents were missionaries with the American  Baptists. My mother always told me my first language was Thai and the first words I ever learned to speak where in the Thai language, the English language also came along with it.


I still retain this love for the land of my childhood, and I found myself wondering as I went through my life and found myself going to seminary, found myself becoming a minister and found myself becoming a pastor, here is this skill that I have, cross cultural ability, this fluency in a language that is not very common in this country, I wonder if I will ever be able to use it again.”


Pastor Anne Gregory will use her skills again as Global Ministry called her to serve a 4 year term to help the growing issue of human trafficking in Thailand. There is a need for a greater church presence as the Thailand boarders will open to surrounding countries in 2015 and it is expected that many people will flow into Thailand.


The Upper Midwest Operations Council has approved a $25,000 a year grant for 3 years and we are praying that many other churches will partner with us and take on this urgent ministry and help us be Christ’s Body in Thailand.  Congregations and individuals can make pledges that could be $25, $50, $100 or more a month for 3 years or send a one time gift.  Offerings can be sent to the Regional Office or on a church remittance form: CCUMW, 5064 Lincoln Street, Newton, Iowa 50208 with a memo: Anne Gregory Thailand or online by clicking the button above.


This fall, Anne will be touring churches in the Upper Midwest Region to speak on her mission and ask for your support in this ever so needed ministry. If you would like Anne to come visit your congregation, please contact the Regional Office at or call   515.255.3168.

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