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Ministers Institute 2019


the courage to step through

January 28-30, 2019

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featuring Rev. Justo Gonzalez II
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Event Highlights:

  • Featuring Rev. Justo Gonzalez II.  Focusing on our theme Crossing Thresholds: The Courage to Step Through, Rev. Justo Gonzalez II will take us on a journey using improv, music, vignettes and more, helping us to look at the barriers that hold us back in ministry.  

  • Discussion time on this year's

       book study Real Good Church:

       How our church came back from

       the dead, and yours can, too

       by Rev. Molly Phinney Baskette.  

  • A variety of workshops, including a new pre-event option focused on the Open & Affirming journey.

  • Join us for the PRE-EVENT of the 2019 Minister's Institute. Our special guest, Rev. Mark Johnston, Ph.D. and Executive Director of Open and Affirming Ministry Program, will host a training that goes beyond the Building an Inclusive Church Toolkit to include Graceful Engagement, Finding Welcome in Scripture, Storytelling, and more. This training is useful for churches who are not yet in process, those in process, and those who have already become O&A. If your ears perked at all, we encourage you to come and see how these resources may build up the hospitality of your congregation.

  • Prayer Room, Massage Therapists, and Spiritual Directors available on Tuesday, at no cost to you as a treat from the Region to offer an opportunity for you to care for yourself.

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Preliminary Event Schedule:


As with any schedule, this one is subject to change due to any unforeseen circumstances.  Please be aware that you will receive the most up-to-date schedule at event check-in and will be notified during MI2019 if changes are made.

Monday, January 28


10 am-2:45 pm         Open and Affirming Training (lunch included with $10 fee)


              1-3 pm          Registration

                 3 pm          Opening Worship

        4-5:30 pm          Workshop Block ​#1​

                 6 pm          Banquet

            7:30 pm          Vespers

                 8 pm          Evening Offerings

                                         -Hospitality Room


                                         -Board Games

Tuesday, January 29

            7:30 am          Contemplative Prayer

                 8 am          Breakfast (pre-registration required)

                 9 am          Welcoming the Day

           9:30 am           Welcome/Keynote #1

              11 am           Wellness Break

         11:15 am           Committee on Ministry Presentation: Clergy Misconduct Policy

              12 pm           Lunch

                     1-6 pm Massage Therapists Available (sign up at registration)

        1-2:30 pm          Workshop Block #2  

        2:30-3 pm          Break

        3-4:30 pm          Workshop Block #3

           4:30 pm           Break

                5 pm           Dinner

       6:30-8 pm           Keynote #2

           8:10 pm           Vespers

                8 pm           Evening Offerings

                                          -Hospitality Room


                                          -Board Games/Cards

Wednesday, January 30

         7:30 am            Contemplative Prayer

              8 am             Breakfast (pre-registration required)

              9 am             Devotional

        9:30 am             Keynote #3 (Q & A)

                                           (Note: Notecards will be available during each keynote sessions.  You are invited and encouraged to write your                                                               questions down and place them in the baskets following each session.  Questions will then be organized and will be                                                       answered during this final keynote time!)

           11 am             Break

     11:15 am              Closing Worship

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