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Minister's Institute 2018

Ministry GPS: Mapping Our Course Together

featuring Rev. Dr. Teresa Hord-Owens
General Minister & Presdent

January 22-24, 2018

Event Highlights:


  • Teresa “Terri” Hord Owens will be sharing 3 Keynotes on her topic of "Leading Through Points of
    Collision, focusing on how we live into unity and live out the example of unity in the church."
    She will also offer a brief reflection of her vision and excitement as the new General Minister and
    President at Monday evening banquet!

  • Discussion time on this year's book study The Righteous Mind: Why Good People are Divided by
    Politics and Religion by Jonathan Haidt.  

  • Prayer Room, Massage Therapists, and Spiritual Directors available on Tuesday, at no cost to you
    as a treat from the region to offer an opportunity for you to care for yourself.

Event Schedule:


As with any schedule, this one is subject to change due to any unforeseen circumstances.  Please be aware that you will receive the most up-to-date schedule at event check-in and will be notified during MI2018 if changes are made.

Monday, January 22

              1-3 pm          Registration

                 3 pm          Opening Worship

        4-5:30 pm          Workshop Block ​#1

​                                         -General Ministries (a variety of General Ministries booths will be set up in the Exhibit Hall)

                                         -Book Discussion

                                         -Engaging Worship: 

                                                     This workshop is designed to give ideas to help engage individuals in your worship setting. 

                                         -New Minister Gathering:

                                                     This is a time for ministers who are new to the Upper Mid West region to meet with BSD, see who else is

                                                     “new in town”, and learn a little more about the region.

                 6 pm           Banquet

                 8 pm           Evening Offerings

                                         -Hospitality Room

                                         -Prayer Room/Vespers


                                         -Sledding (weather permitting)

                                         -Night hike/prayer walk (weather permitting)

Tuesday, January 23

                 8 am             Breakfast (pre-registration required)

                 9 am             Devotions

           9:30 am              Welcome/Keynote #1

              11 am              Break

              12 pm              Lunch

                     1-6 pm Massage Therapists Available (sign up at registration)

       1-2:30 pm              Workshop Block #2  

                                          -How to have a Conversation around the TABLE:

                                                     Building relationships through table talk and civil discourse. Connie Ryan, Executive Director of Interfaith Alliance                                                           *Toolkit available


                                                     How to speak about, work with, model in our conversations and live with forgiveness and

                                                     self-forgiveness Dr. Jim Hayes, Executive Director of DSM Pastoral Counseling Center


                                                     Nick Weurtz, Director of Lutheran Services of Iowa – This workshop will address the unique story of refugees

                                                     in our communities, the services available to them, and how your congregation can provide much needed                                                               support for our newest neighbors.

       2:30-3 pm              Break

       3-4:30 pm              Workshop Block #3

                                          -Public Witness:

                                                     Rev. Sarah Trone Garriott, Interfaith Dir at DSM Area Religious Council, Rev. Laurie Feille – This workshop looks at                                                           the many different ways congregations can be a public witness for healing, justice, compassion, and hospitality.                                                             Hear from a pastor doing public witness within an interfaith agency, as well as a local church pastor – there’s                                                                 something for everyone, every size of congregation, and every theological and political expression.

                                          -How to live in unity in our divisive times:

                                                     Rev. Paul Tche, Director of Council on Christian Unity – This workshop offers a look into the work our denomination                                                       is doing to foster unity, and ways your local congregation can be a beacon of unity and wholeness in a time of                                                              division.

                                          -Engaging Worship:

                                                     This workshop is designed to give ideas to help engage individuals in your worship setting. 

          4:30 pm               Break

               5 pm               Dinner

      6:30-8 pm               Keynote #2

               8 pm               Evening Offerings

                                          -Hospitality Room with Wine Tasting

                                          -Prayer Room/Vespers


                                          -Sledding/Night hike/Prayer walk

Wednesday, January 24

              8 am                 Breakfast (pre-registration required)

              9 am                 Devotions

        9:30 am                  Keynote #3 (Q & A)

                                           (Note: Notecards will be available during each keynote sessions.  You are invited and encouraged to write your                                                        questions down and place them in the baskets following each session.  Questions will then be organized and will be                                                answered during this final keynote time!)

           11 am                  Closing Worship

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