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Teaching Core

April Johnson.jpg

Rev. April G. Johnson



Rev. Sandhya Jha


Dietra Wise Baker.jpg

Rev. Dr. Dietra Wise Baker


Elona Street Strewart.jpg

Elona Street Stewart


Pedro Ramos-G.jpeg
David Bell.jpg

Rev. Pedro Ramos Goycolea


Rev. David Bell


Danny Givens.JPG

Rev. Danny Givens Jr.


Event Highlights:

  • This year's theme is "Boots on the Ground, Eyes to the Heavens: Dismantling White Supremacy in Our Church." Our sessions will be facilitated by a phenomenal teaching core with Rev. April Johnson from Reconciliation Ministry and Rev. Sandhya Jha, founder and director of the Oakland Peace Center, at the lead. Our work together will acknowledge and increase our awareness that this life-long journey requires intentionality toward the work of unpacking anti-racism and anti-oppression in our own lives and in our institutional and societal structures.

  • A variety of workshops, including sessions with topics determined by attendee's shared interests.

  • Prayer Room, Massage Therapists, and Spiritual Directors available on Tuesday, at no cost to you as a treat from the Region to offer an opportunity for you to care for yourself.

  • Attending the event in full will meet the Anti-Racism/Pro-Reconciliation requirement included on the 2020 standing form (due January of 2021).

Preliminary Event Schedule:


As with any schedule, this one is subject to change due to any unforeseen circumstances.  Please be aware that you will receive the most up-to-date schedule at event check-in and will be notified during MI2020 if changes are made.

Monday, January 27


              1-3 pm         Registration

                 3 pm          Opening Worship

                 4 pm          Keynote #1 with Teaching Core​

                 5 pm          Banquet

           6:30 pm           Keynote #2 with Teaching Core

           7:30 pm           Vespers

                8 pm           Evening Offerings

                                         -Hospitality Room


                                         -Board Games

Tuesday, January 28

            7:30 am          Contemplative Prayer

                 8 am          Breakfast (pre-registration required)

                 9 am          Welcoming the Day

           9:30 am           Keynote #3 with Teaching Core

              11 am           Wellness Break

         11:15 am           Workshops

              12 pm           Lunch

                     1-6 pm Massage Therapists Available (sign up at registration)

        1-2:30 pm          Workshops  

        2:30-3 pm          Break

        3-4:30 pm          Workshops

           4:30 pm           Break

                5 pm           Dinner

       6:30-8 pm           Large Group Session

           8:10 pm           Vespers

                8 pm           Evening Offerings

                                          -Hospitality Room


                                          -Board Games/Cards

Wednesday, January 29

         7:30 am            Contemplative Prayer

              8 am             Breakfast (pre-registration required)

              9 am             Devotional

        9:30 am             Keynote #4 with Teaching Core

           11 am             Break

     11:15 am              Closing Worship

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