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Regional News

The Christian Church in the Upper Midwest puts out a newsletter once a month.  The newsletter frequently includes:

  • A word from the Regional Minister

  • Information and Registration about upcoming events

  • Ways to get involved in ministries around the region

  • Stories about the ministries of our congregations

  • Other resources for our churches or for fellow Disciples.

Regional Grants

The Regional budget always includes grants funds for use by our congregations.  There are 5 different types of grants and each and every one of our congregations is eligible to apply.  Grant requests are heard monthly by our Operations Council. 

Other Ministries

Other ministries of the region include the Upper Midwest School of Ministry, Camping Minstry, UMwYC, Committee on Ministry, Revitalization Committee, New Church Development Committee, and the newly formed Anti-Racism Task Group.

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