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Our Path Together...

A Plan for the Future Ministry of

The Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)

in the Upper Midwest



We have come so far in this incredible project!!!


With the Lois McKee Retreat House and Wolf Lake dedication this spring, our latest building projects will be put to use.  

The McKee Retreat House is a beautiful facility with an inspiring view of the grounds and especially the new Wolf Lake.  It is our hope to add one additional part to this cabin.  Plans have been drawn up for a wrap-around deck, which will require about $50,000 to complete.  It is our hope that we can come together again to create this fantastic addition.

Please be a part of this project by pledge a one-time or recurring donation!  This is truly a Disciples Together project and ever gift of every size matters.

Project Guidelines

We began building Summer of 2013. 


* We build only as money comes in (no loans, no debt).

* We build together in a Habitat for Humanity style with construction managers from churches.

*Attract more groups and ensure lower camp prices with more modern space.

*Inclusive and accessible for more people to attend.

*Design in phases so we can make successes along the way.

*Give all congregations a ministry in common.

Project History

As of summer 2019, the projects that will have been completed include:

   1.  The swimming pool and Lala Splash Pad

   2.  Tipi Wakan Cabin, sleeps 24 with a kitchenette

   3.  Burright Bunkhouse Cabin, sleeps 24 with a kitchenette

   4.  The Lighthouse Lodge, sleeps 36 with a full kitchen

   5.  College Avenue Worship Center, contains Grant Park Chapel (seats 125), Bright Hall (seats 350 at round tables or can function as an indoor carpeted gymnasium), and a Fireside Room with fireplace.

   6.  The Lois McKee Retreat House in Chi Rho Country.

   7.  The Wolf Lake, which will include a beach and boating access.

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