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1st Wednesday



Learning Together 1st Wednesdays will resume in Fall 2022.

Upper Midwest School of Ministry

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Bible 1

Instructor: John Bolen

Dates: Fall 2022 (First session Sept. 6; Final Session Nov. 22)

Where: Online

Text: The Chalice Introduction to the Old Testament

Course Description: In this course we will be taking a cursory review of the Old Testament, or also known as the Hebrew Bible, or the First Testament, or the Tanakh. For the purposes of this class, we will refer to this collection of books as The Old Testament, the commonly used term in Christianity. We will review how the Old Testament was  organized, who wrote it, to whom was it written, and when it finally became cannon. We will also review how to go about doing Biblical study learning the rubrics of hermeneutics, and how to apply  Alexander Campbell’s own approach to Biblical interpretation. This course will last ten weeks and the students are expected to participate in the weekly online discussions. There will be a sermon due at the end of the term focusing on a book of the Old Testament that the student finds most interesting.

CMEP Retreat:

Retreat Theme: To Be Determined

Dates: Nov. 18-20, 2022

Where: Christian Conference Center

Cost: $50

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Join colleagues and friends for a special church camp experience September 26-28 at the Christian Conference Center. Wake up with energizers and a keynote, enjoy conversations in small groups, create and share meaningful worship, rest, enjoy time together on Holy Ground, and end the day sitting around the campfire.


Tiff and Josh will serve as your directors. Camp starts at 2 pm on September 26 and concludes at 11 am on September 28. Registration includes meals, cabin lodging (yes, bring your own bedding!), and a special Pastors Camp t-shirt. Camp cost is $150.