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Upper Midwest School of Ministry


Upper Midwest School of Ministry (UMWSM) was created in 2011 for two purposes:

  • Continuing Education: To provide affordable, accessible educational opportunities open to everyone to grow in personal faith & professional development for ministry.

  • To provide a complete Regional Commissioned Minister Education Program. (CMEP) - Non-seminary training for persons called to pastoral ministry.


Commissioned Minister Education Program (CMEP)

The CMEP program is a structured curriculum to enable commissioned ministers to gain foundational theological training to  serve congregations where they are commissioned. Classes are non-seminary credit courses also open to clergy for continuing education credits and for lay people who wanting to audit. The CMEP includes practice of ministry instruction through intensive Friday/Saturday retreats. A student in the CMEP has flexible scheduling during three years to take the six courses and to attend six of the Practice of Ministry retreats. They will also have more intentional activities with Ministry Supervisors who will work with students for three semesters of ministry experience to assist in thinking theologically about their practice and to offer guidance and support. Curriculum will be offered in three primary subject areas: Bible, Church History, and Theology.


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