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Elders Together

The deadline to register is April 18.

The Region is offering an opportunity to elders from across the congregations of the Upper Midwest to engage in study, conversation and relationship building through a program ministry designed especially for elders.  This program is a monthly zoom meeting, typically offered on a day of the fourth week of April, May, June, August, September, and October.  The six sessions will explore the role of elder, history of elders in the Disciples tradition, theology and spiritual leadership, elders in worship, elders in community and spiritual practices for leaders.

This program ministry has been designed to nurture, support, and engage elders in thoughtful reflection and continued growth in their role within congregations.  It goes without saying getting to know elders from across the Region will develop a bond for working together to build up the whole church from local congregations into the whole ministry of the Region and beyond.


All elders are invited to prayerfully consider participating in the new ministry.  Talk with your pastor and the other elders from your congregation.  Join us as we grow as Elder’s Together.

Group Meeting Times

  • Group 1: Mondays @ 4p

  • Group 2: Tuesdays @ 6:30p

  • Group 3: Wednesdays @ 2p

  • Group 4: Thursdays @ 10a

  • Group 5: Thursdays @ 2p

The facilitators are clergy from across the region. Each group will meet monthly during the fourth week. The Zoom information will be sent out closer to the start time.

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