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Regional Grants

The Upper Midwest Regional Grants:


1. Ministry Grants: DOC Congregations working together on a ministry or mission.

2. Valley View Grants: Individual Congregation revitalization or new program.

3. Reconciliation Grant: Program that works with racism or poverty issues.

4. New Church Grant: New church starts or attempts.

5. NBA/UMW Older Adult Ministry Grant: Supports and encourages new ministry

efforts with older adults.  Can include revitalization of church property for better

use with older adults.

6. Minister Loan Repayment Grant: This new grant is a partnership between the 

Region's revitalization ministry and the Region's efforts to recruit ministers to 

serve some of our smaller churches.  


How do Ministries Arise and How do they get Funded?


In being church together, Regional ministries rise up when God calls them into being! Ministries arise at anytime and anywhere that God speaks to the people of the churches. Throughout the year people are encouraged to look around them and discover needs where the church could help. These could be a new program within a congregation, a ministry that two or more DOC congregations want to do together, it could be a new church start, or a ministry that tackles the issues related to racism or poverty. Each of these may be covered by a UMW Grant. Funding comes from the congregations through the Christmas Offering and half of the DMF giving that stays within the Upper Midwest Region.


We are excited for the  movements in our ministries: as new ones develop out of passion, and old ones end - in fact we rejoice in the energy and purpose these ever evolving ministries creates among us. We pray to stay conscious and aware of God's leading!


The ministry funding process therefore must reflect this fluid and evolving discernment of ministry. Many ministries do not need funding at all either because they have no need of money to make them happen, or are completely self-funding. Other ministries need some financial boost to help them 'take off' - To access funding for your ministry, simply apply for a grant using the "Grant Application" button above. Operations Council will meet to consider, bless and vote on the merits of funding these ministries. There is not a specific deadline for grants as ministries arise throughout the year; grants will be considered at the next Operations Council meeting. Operations Council must have at least a week to review the grant prior to their meeting.

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