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Summer Camp 2024

Age requirements are for the grade completed in the 2023-2024 school year.

For more information, see the Christian Conference Center's website!

Grand Camp

Ages 4-Grade 2 accompanied by grandparent

Starts Saturday 3p, ends Sunday 2p

Grand Camp is a two day/one night experience for grandparents and grandkids! You'll start the day with swimming, and move on to crafts and Bible lessons. There will be a cook out and s'mores, and end the day with campfire worship. In just 2 days together on Holy Ground, you will make memories to last a lifetime.

Cabin/bunkhouse and private lodge room accommodations are both available for Grand Camp. (Private rooms have an extra fee.) Each individual needs to fill out a registration form.

Cost: $65

Session 1 Dates: June 22-23

Session 2 Dates: July 13-14

Family Camp

All Ages, accompanied by adult family member

Starts Friday 7p, ends Sunday 11a

Family camp is designed to be a weekend of rest, relaxation, and God time for today's busy families. How often do you take the time to just walk in the woods or play in the pool with your family? You'll be able to get a break from your packed schedules and just be a family. Kick off the summer with a weekend away together.

Cabin/bunkhouse and private lodge room accommodations are both available for Family Camp. Each individual needs to fill out a registration form.

Cost: $80

Session Dates: May 31-June 1

Beginner Camp

Grades 2-3

Starts Saturday 11a, ends Sunday 11a

Beginner camp is a 3 day/2 night introductory experience in summer church camp. For many, this is the first time they have slept away from home without family members. Experienced counselors act as "cabin parents" during the camp to try and make everyone feel welcome and at home. Beginner camp is a fast paced, high energy, fun filled few days. Campers spend time swimming, singing, playing, and exploring our camp through their daily Bible walks, and making s'mores around the campfire.

Cost: $150

Session Dates: July 1-3

Junior Camp

Grades 3-5

Starts Monday 1p, ends Saturday 11a

Junior Camp is our first weeklong summer camp for elementary age children. Starting after the completion of third grade, kids can attend this amazing camp, housed in our cabins. Every day campers will experience time to swim in the pool, participate in group games, spend time with their cabin group, and worship God around the campfire. Campers will be encouraged to see God in nature, in others, and in themselves.

Cost: $350

Session 1 Dates: June 10-15

Session 2 Dates: July 8-13

Session 3 Dates: July 29-August 3

Chi Rho Camp

Grades 6-8

Starts Monday 1p, ends Saturday 11a

Chi Rho camp is a weeklong semi-rustic experience that produces opportunities for relationships with God and other people. While living in huts, they will quickly form bonds that last a lifetime. As a village, they will learn to cook over a campfire, play in the pool, cooperate through teamwork, and discover the leader that lives in them. In this exciting outdoor environment, they will experience the accepting and loving touch of God that can be felt sitting around a campfire at Chi Rho camp.

Cost: $350

Session 1 Dates: June 17-22

Session 2 Dates: July 8-13

A.D.A.M. Camp

Grades 6-12

Starts Monday 1p, ends Saturday 11a

The youth who attend A.D.A.M. camp (Art Drama And Music) enjoy a week of practicing different art forms. Campers learn how they can share their love for God through their art. Each night, campers will be able to show off their creations during their "gig." On the last day of camp, a final performance and art show is planned, and parents and other loved ones are encouraged to attend. This camp has a cap of 30 youth, so get your registrations in early! Middle School A.D.A.M. Camp is for grades 6-8, and the high school camp is grades 9-12. Both camps take place on the same dates but activities are split between middle school and high school.

Cost: $350

Session Dates: July 22-27

Adventure Camp

Grades 6-12

Starts Monday 1p, ends Saturday 11a

Adventure Camp is a different adventure every day! Our activities include boating on Lake Red Rock, a hiking/scavenger hunt day, a challenge day that will stretch body and mind, and more. Campers will experience God through nature and through working together. This camp has a cap of 30 youth, so get your registration in early!

Cost: $350

Session Dates: July 22-27

CYF Camp

Grades 9-12

Starts Monday 1p, ends Saturday 11a

CYF camp is a week-long experience on the Holy Ground of the Christian Conference Center. Through study, casual conversation, life-changing worship, and incredible recreation time, campers should expect to be challenged and nurtured in their faith journey. This camp provides many opportunities to make new friends and capture a "deep-down" feeling of wonderment and purpose that will stick with campers their whole lives.

Cost: $350

Session 1 Dates: June 24-29

Session 2 Dates: July 15-20

High School Mission Trip

Grades 9-12

The high school mission trip takes camp on the road! Campers will spend a week serving others and growing as a leader. Participants will meet at the CCC and then travel together to their mission site for a week of volunteer work, faith formation, and fun. No previous camping experience is required.

This year's trip is to Chicago, IL. Final work projects are still to be determined. There is a limit of 15 campers.

Cost: $320

Session Dates: July 1-6

Senior Adult Retreat

Ages 55+

Starts Monday 2p, ends Wednesday 1p

You're never too old for camp! Senior Adult Retreat is intended to be time away at camp for older adults. Many participants have been active in our camping ministry over the years; however, no prior involvement in the program is necessary to attend. Campers spend time in fellowship, study, prayer, and worship. Evenings are spent around the campfire, telling stories, eating ice cream, and making new friends. Campers stay in our hotel-style lodge rooms.

Cost: $165

Session Dates: September 16-18

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