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Professional Care and Development
Standing Requirements - Continuing Education

Any ordained or commissioned minister seeking to maintain standing much complete continuing education every year. For a full-time minister, 16 hours is required; 3/4, 12 hours; 1/2, 8 hours; 1/4 or less, 4 hours.

1/4 of the yearly education hours must be in Anti-Racism/Pro-Reconciliation. For a full-time minister, 4 hours are required. Opportunities shared in our newsletters.

Standing Requirements - Boundary Training

Within two years of receiving standing or in re-locating to region, clergy must complete boundary training. Afterwards, boundary training must be completed every five years, starting in 2020 (2025, 2030, 2035, etc.)

In the year prior, the region will offer training in various geographic areas. In the off years, the region will accept boundary training from the Lewis Center for Church Leadership, through Wesley Theological Seminary.

Other Useful Information
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