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Who We Are

In 2003, the Upper Midwest Regional Assembly prayerfully and unanimously adopted a bold new ministry vision:

Disciples Together, Sharing in the Fullness of God's Table, For the Blessing of All

As we have lived into being Disciples Together, we have recognized the role we--congregations, clergy, laypeople, and the region--play in creating energetic regional ministries, new programs, and sharing resources. In other words, we are a "web of connected congregations and individuals."

In 2010, we began to ask...What If?

What if we recognized that congregations are the starting point for passion-based ministries?

What if we had a new kind of gathering where ministries could emerge from new conversations?

What if we had a region where everyone was involved?

What if smaller churches felt they were indispensable parts of the regional body?

What if our gatherings were about discerning and validating?

What if the region's ministry is to facilitate ministry?

Our guiding principles were born.


Permission-giving and invitational

Inclusive-laypeople, smaller congregations, rural congregations across the region

Diverse ministries and people

Engagement and flexibility

Spiritual discernment

Today we continue to ask ourselves:
"Who is God calling us to be and do-and what if we follow that call?"
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