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Come explore our beautiful camp and have a weekend away from your busy schedule!

The school year is hectic...take a break at one of our mid-year retreats. There will be campfires (weather permitting), worship, music, and so much more. If there's snow, bring a sled!

Retreats are a great way to introduce your new camper to our camping ministry.

School Year
Sample Schedule


7-8p Registration

8p Welcome, Introductions, large group activity

9p Family Groups

9:45p Worship

10:30p Back to Cabins

11:15 Lights Out (earlier for younger kids)


7a Wake Up!

9a Breakfast

8:45a Morning Watch

9a Energizers, singing, keynote

9:45a Family Group

11:00a Choices 1.0, such as crafts, group games, gaga ball, porch rap, service project, etc.

11:45a Break

12p Lunch

1p Free Time

2:30p Singing and Keynote

2:45 Family Group

4p Large Group Games

4:30p Choices 2.0

5:30p Break

6p Supper

7p Evening Activity

9p Snack

9:30p Worship

10:30p Back to Cabins

11p Lights Out (earlier for younger kids)


7:30a Wake Up, Packing

8:30a Breakfast and evaluations

9a Morning Watch

9:15a Family group meeting and cleaning

10a Closing Worship

11a Good-bye

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